Dog Blog

Dog Blog

Another day in Seymour (Dog) Park. Robbie loves to go but he also loves to go home. (Tucker Time).

Here is a pic of Robbie heading home before it gets dark.

There were plenty of other dogs there but I didn’t have time to paint them all in so I left them out. Maybe next time..


Robbie – Seymour Dog Park
Moss Vale

Poplar Blog

Poplar Blog

If you’re a lucky dog you live in Moss Vale. Why? Because some benevolent soul donated about 7 acres of park like grounds for the use of leash free hounds, and boy! do they love it.!

Which also makes for very happy dog persons because the dogs run themselves silly, but not to exhaustion. That is only a mythical state for a dog. So, fair wind or foul you will see the rugged up to the eye balls owners standing in a chatting huddle as the pooches pursue each other in an endless chase to sniff each others bottoms. Oh, how ever so slightly different we civilized humans are!

In addition to the park being a wonderful canine facility it also has some of the best trees around. Great spreading oaks and towering poplars amongst others. Last week it deluged around here and left a little lake around my favourite poplars, so I grabbed an I-phony and took it home to paint. Hence the posted picture. There are about 10 of these great poplars but I only painted one cos I figured if you’ve seen one poplar, you’ve seen ‘em all. And saves me time to write this.

Makes sense to me. (Also improves my poplararity)(Or not).


Lone Poplar

Lone Poplar


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Two Bites

I wonder how many folks get two bites at the cherry of life. I just got mine by being featured again, (that’s twice), in the November issue of The Australian Artist magazine. On the front cover too. It’s even better than being on the cover of The Rolling Stone! 15 minutes of fame times twice is over half an hour of fame! Well almost over. That’ll do me for now.

The painting is presently on display, and for sale, at The Milk Factory Gallery in Bowral.

In the magazine article I take the reader step by step through the process of painting – Old Quince (pictured below).

I’m not sure what to paint next so I’ll go and have a cup of herbal tea with the hope of stimulating some evocative images in my soggy brain.

Watch this (brain) space.


Still Life of Quinces by Philip Turton

Old Quince

Not another egg blog

Not another egg blog

It’s not that I’m sick of painting eggs, it’s the continuous barrage of bad egg jokes that infests my brain. so this is the last egg painting morphing into a lemon painting. That’s that so, eggsit stage left and off we go.

To where?, we ask. To the Milk Factory Gallery in Bowral where I’m performing as Artist en Residence, or Artist in waiting, not quite sure. I shall be there most days for the month of July. I have to paint by spotlight as there is no natural daylight, which goes totally contrary to the subject of my magazine article, praising natural light. Still. Needs must, so I have thrown a few objets d’art together and am presently up to here. They are only small canvases so hopefully I can produce a few before my tenure is up.

I haven’t thought of a theme so I’m just messing about with things such as this hydrangea. We’ll see what develops over the month.

Come the end of July I’m history.


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Vincent Blogh

Who is Vincent Blogh?

He was a distant cousin of Vincent Van Gogh.

Where am I going with this? Well, it has just occurred to me that VVG never painted an onion. (I think not). And that’s why he never sold a painting. I have sold every onion painting that I have ever done, the most recent being yesterday. I think that makes 4. Anyway, a much better result then poor old Vinnie.

You have probably noticed that I hardly ever, well never ever, paint sunflowers, an absolute recipe for failure. Never done a potato eater’s head. Never painted my own bedroom. And as for starry, starry nights, forget it. I’ve always had trouble painting night scenes. For one I can’t see and for two I fall asleep. The only thing that keeps me awake after 6 pm is a re-run of Mash 4077.

Have lots on my plate at the moment besides onions. I’m trying to build up enough “je ne sais quoi” to paint in public in July. Fully dressed of course. Don’t want to make a spectacle now do I? But, if publicity stunts sell paintings, well, Hmmm, that gives me an idea.

Will keep you posted.

TTFN Vincent Van Blogh.

Good Friends Still Life of Two Onions by Philip Turton - Still Life Artist

Good Friends

Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

The art of painting pictures sometimes can be quite onerous but nowhere near as excruciating as making decent replicas to save for posterity or whatever, even with the most expensive of cameras. Whatever happened to my Box Brownie? Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away. (Sorry Paul Simon).

The experts recommend doing it outside, photographing, that is, on an overcast day. Tried that but still seem to get a light bloom from the sky. My own fault I guess for painting such dark backgrounds..

Anyway, thanks to my more intelligent other half, we finally found a spot in the main lounge where the light is from the south, nice and soft. Also I gave up using all the helpful type settings that Mr Canon supplies and tapped into some ancient camera knowledge, like 1/60th at F 2.8. I vaguely remember I used to use.

Hey Presto!, I’m in charge again and I have a folder full of half decent pictures to send off to the editor of the Australian Artist Magazine.

Didn’t I tell you?  Watch this space for further exciting developments.

P.s.  took most of the incompleteness out of the coddled egg painting.

Not so negative now, PT

Coddled Eggs, Still Life by Philip Turton

Coddled Eggs



A Black and White Blog

A Black and White Blog

Magpie Mania at the Milk Factory Gallery Bowral is almost upon us and I’m still struggling to make Robbie the Dog look like a magpie, even with paddle pop sticks glued to his ears to make them look like wings. So, unfortunately, and I hope nobody minds, I had to get out my old bow and Robin Hood a magpie. A few carefully positioned sticks kept him in an upright position.

When Robbie the Dog witnessed this he returned to his position on the mat and posed perfectly.

All I have to do now is to convince y’all that this confrontation really happened. I may have to exercise my right to artistic licence. The only question left is, does the magpie have a bone to pick with Robbie?

Philip Turton painting Robbie and the Magpie

Magpie Mania

Magpie Mania

Magpie Mania 

Next month is Magpie Mania at the Milk Factory gallery in Bowral. All artists in Australia (and the universe), have been commanded, (by Shirley), to submit works relating to magpies. Failure to do so will result in being baked into a pie. (No pedantic historical corrections please. It all seems black and white to me).

My problem seems to be that I can’t get a magpie to co-operate. As soon as I get close enough they spit on me (I think it’s spit), and make disparaging remarks about my terrestrial ungainliness and my obvious inability to fly. I will never know the pleasure of sitting atop a TV aerial, the magpie implied. Hmmm, now there’s a challenge. I have a few other things to do first, like washing the car. Another first.

Anyway, I managed to snap the attached picture, also black and white. Do you think anyone will notice the difference? If I could get the ears to stick out they could look like wings?

Thank you for your help. PT

Black and White - photo of Robbie, border collie

Black and White